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  • Neuro Auricular Technique, NAT (can clear your head and re-boot your brain) This technique which integrates the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils with acupressure by using a small instrument with a rounded end to apply the oils to the acupressure meridians or Vita Flex points on the ears.

  • Spinal Flush involves the Nervous System Connection Points which are connected to their nearby internal organs and while using specific essential oils is also a form of neuro lymphatic clearing.

  • Vita Flex Points of the Feet & Hands using appropriate oils to energize and help heal internal organs

  • Feet, Legs & Lymphatics

  • Detox the Lymphatic System

  • Detox the Vegas Nerve

  • Aromatherapy Massage

  • Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy Session:
Reduces chronic back pain, kills viral and bacterial pathogens, reduces inflammation, supports immune system, helps detox the body systems, eases respiratory discomfort, improves circulation, helps relieve stress and improves emotional well being, balances energy, lifts the spirit, restores calm and increases ability to concentrate.


Aromatherapy Health Benefits:

  1. Relieves stress

  2. Acts as Antidepressant

  3. Boost Memory

  4. Increases Energy Levels

  5. Accelerates Healing

  6. Reduces Headaches

  7. Regulates Sleep Patterns

  8. Strengthens Immune System

  9. Relieves Pain

  10. Improves Digestion, constipation & bloating

  11. Balances Energy in the Body

  12. Relief in Skin Conditions


Healing the Energetic Body Systems

  • Muscle Meridian Testing – Determines the energetic imbalances in the meridians

  • Auricular Points  - Organ Points & Musculoskeletal using ear seeds based on Chinese acupuncture point system

  • Neuro Lymphatic Clearing – Energizes and send toxins to your body’s waste removal system. Clears stagnant energies from the body.

  • Clearing, Grounding and Balancing your Energies

  • Chakras – Clear, Balance, Strengthen & Harmonize. Balancing energetic connections between the Chakras

  • Aura - Repair and strengthen detached or collapsed aura


Holistic Nutrition – Food is Medicine

        “Holistic nutrition is an integrated holistic look at the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. It explores how diet, supplements, lifestyle choices, mindset, spirituality and other complementary practices can help contribute to or prevent disease of all kinds.

Holistic nutrition examines each person on a unique and individual basis to offer recommendations that will help them recover and re-establish optimal health. A foundational principle is that there is no one single diet for every person on the planet.Holistic nutrition practitioners aim to act as teachers and provide relevant, empirically based knowledge, support, and guidance so that their clients can make the best choices for their personal circumstances and goals.”

Vihmapiisa meetod:
Vähendab kroonilist seljavalu, tapab viiruslikud ja bakteriaalsed patogeenid, vähendab põletikku, toetab immuunsüsteemi, vabastab kogu keha toksiinidest, kergendab hingamisvaevusi, parandab vereringet, vähendab stressi, parandab emotsionaalset heaolu, tasakaalustab energiat, tõstab tuju, taastab rahu ja suurendab keskendumisvõimet.

Aroomiteraapia kasulikkus tervisele: 

      1. Leevendab stressi
     2. Mõjub antidepressandina
     3. Parandab mälu
     4. Tõstab energiataset
     5. Kiirendab paranemist 
     6. Vähendab peavalu
     7. Korrastab unemustreid
     8. Tugevdab immuunsüsteemi
     9. Leevendab valu
    10. Parandab seedimist, kõhukinnisust ja puhitust
    11. Tasakaalustab energiat
    12. Parandab naha olukorda

Teenused / Services

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